HARD LEFT MOMENTUM set to overthrow Brexit-backing hero KATE HOEY!

Kate Hoey is a veteran MP  and solid Brexit supporter who has again and again supporterd Jeremy Corbyn to remain in charge and she has represented the south London seat for 29 years.

Last night a meeting that was organised by Momentum and other Labour pressure groups organised a meeting where they sought to see Hoey REMOVED as their MP.

The local party chair said not a single attendee spoke out to defend Ms Hoey. Only three delegates abstained in the no confidence vote – with none voting against.

One prominent Momentum activist said: “In the name of God, go.”

An insider said members were “despairing” and at the “end of their tether” and “the debate was about the best way to censure her or oppose her, rather than whether or not we should.” She also received criticism for sharing a boat and platform with Nigel Farage during the EU referendum.

“It must have been 40 degrees in there because the doors were jammed shut and the windows only opened about 5cm. Everyone was screwing up their bits of paper and making fans,” they added.

The motion has no legal effect but is designed to pile political pressure on Ms Hoey and party HQ.

Members should also have the chance to deselect Ms Hoey using the ‘trigger ballot’ system at some point before the next general election.

“This CLP therefore requests…

(a) That the Leader of the Labour Party and Chief Whip suspend Kate Hoey from the Parliamentary Labour Party and remove the Whip;

“and (b) That the National Executive Committee declare Kate Hoey ineligible for re-selection or endorsement as a Labour Party parliamentary candidate.”

Ms Hoey – who missed the meeting because she is overseeing the election in Zimbabwe – claimed the motion contained “a number of inaccuracies”.

A statement was read out at the start of the meeting on behalf of Hoey saying: “This is not the position in the Labour manifesto on which I was re-elected.

Many of the issues raised are long in the past and since then I have been subject to the vote of Vauxhall residents and re-elected each time.”

After the meeting she has said:

A vote of the local party is not the national executive, and local activists don’t necessarily speak for Labour supporters in Vauxhall.

I will always put my country before my party and helping constituents is a priority.

So quite relaxed and after 29 years as an MP have seen it all before.”

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