Anna Soubry NO 1 on ‘HIT LIST’ to be ousted from Parliament!

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten has said in a tweet yesterday that Remain MP Anna Soubry is number one on UKIP’s hit list of MP’s they want to see lose their seats in the commons.

Writing on Twitter Mr Batten said: “Anna Soubry is going to be No 1 on the UKIP Hit List of MPs on small majorities whose seats we are going to lose for them. We are having fun drawing up the list.”

It is not the first time the UKIP Leader has spoken about his plans to see the Remainer MP ousted from the commons, he previously told his plans to a gathering of UKIP Scotland members at a members forum in Edinburgh city centre.

Anna Soubry the MP for Broxtowe tweeted previously in the year about receiving so-called threats from UKIP members infiltrating the Conservative party, the evidence she provided for this was a tweet saying: “she wont be chuckling when shes deselected”

Howver the man who sent the tweet a Mr Gibson replied to Anna Soubry saying: “not ukip anna im sure many of ur colleagues privately feel the same way….”

Anna Sourby has previously had to publicly apologise to Nigel Farage after making the ridiculous accusation that his ‘facial expressions made him look like someone who enjoyed a person putting their finger up his bottom.’

She made the remarks on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show while sitting alongside the impressionist Rory Bremner & Lord Mandelson.

Soubry said: “I always think he looks like somebody has put their finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it.”

Bremner asked: “Are you allowed to say that?”,  Marr replied: “It’s too late. She has said it.”

Lord Mandelson commented: “Anna, please, it’s too early.”

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