Electoral Commission boss REVEALED as anti-Tory pro-EU STOOGE!!!

Louise Edwards is the Head of Political Finance and Regulation and as these tweets show she has a track record of making her political allegiances known as you can see in the below Facebook posts.

Stunningly this morning Vote Leave have been found Guilty of breaking Electoral Law with a number of individuals reported to the Police, Edwards was involved in the investigation. There has been no mention of the fact Remain have also been accused of doing exactly the same thing!!!

As you can see in the above email leaked on the Order Order  website Edwards refused to speak with Vote Leave, at the behest of their lawyers, as the Electoral Commission said they had all the evidence that they needed!

The above email to Vote Leave head Dominic Cummings is equally curt and brutal in its response! As things stand today Remainers are using this as another way to sabotage Brexit and the Electoral Commission’s neutrality is seriously coming under question!


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