Boris Johnson SAVAGES Theresa May and the Brexit Betrayal in resignation speech

Boris Johnson has claimed it is not yet too late to save Brexit in his resignation speech he gave to MP’s in the house of commons, Johnson said:

“Given that in important ways this is Brexit in name only, I am of course unable to support it, as I said in cabinet at Chequers, and am happy to be able now to speak out against it.

It is not too late to save Brexit. We have time in these negotiations. We have changed tack once and we can change again…

We need to take one decision now before all others – and that is to believe in this country and what it can do because the UK’s admirers across the world are fully expecting us to take back control.”

A written copy of the speech can be found on Boris Johnson’s official Twitter account, the speech was also retweeted by prominent leave supporting MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The ex-foreign secretary also warned that ministers are:  “saying one thing to the EU about what we are really doing, and pretending another to the electorate”

Mr Johnson claimed in the Commons that, under this plan, Great Britain was “volunteering for economic vassalage” and it would be a “Brexit in name only”.

Referring to the period after the Lancaster House speech, he said:

“We never actually turned that vision into a negotiating position in Brussels and we never made it into a negotiating offer. Instead, we dithered and we burned through our negotiating capital.We agreed to hand over a £40bn exit fee with no discussion of our future economic relationship.

We accepted the jurisdiction of the European Court over key aspects of the withdrawal agreement and worst of all we allowed the question of the Northern Irish border, which had hitherto been assumed on all sides to be readily soluble, to become so politically charged as to dominate the debate.”

It has to make you wonder how long Theresa May can cling to what little power she has left, with her cabinet crumbling beneath her feet it won’t be long until the Conservative establishment finally say enough is enough and put the hammer down on her feeble leadership.

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