BREAKING- Activist James Goddard sensationally RELEASED by Police!

Contrary to earlier rumours going around it can be confirmed that Yellow Vest Activist James Goddard has been RELEASED from Police custody! As you can see below with the EXCLUSIVE video we put out earlier on Twitter Goddard appeared in good spirits surrounded by Yellow Vest supporters:


Goddard has since commented on Twitter: “To everyone that has been following today‚Äôs events I am glad that the narrative of the establishment is now plain to see.”

We are still to ascertain if any bail conditions have been placed upon him with rumours on social media circulating that he has been barred from entering the vicinity of Westminster.

Meanwhile in Trafalgar Square today UK Yellow Vests encountered ANTIFA/ Stand up to Racism where they were greeted by the chants of ‘Nazi Scum Off Our Streets’. One user on Twitter enquired to the Metropolitan Police if their will be mass arrests of these individuals in light of the arrest of James Goddard as a precedent.

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