DISGUST as it is revealed Commons Bar is EXEMPT from Covid19 regulations


This morning it has been revealed that the bars and restaurants in the House of Commons have not been subjected to the 10 pm curfew imposed across England, from Thursday last week, as a measure to halt the spread of the coronavirus. 

UNN’s Oliver Down understands that, despite imposing stricter restrictions on bars pubs and restaurants, the bars on the Westminster estate are exempt from the 10pm curfew. As part of the new regulations, the Commons bars have been listed as a workplace canteen. In addition to this, visitors that enter the Parliamentary bars will also not be asked to supply contact details upon entry via track and trace.


An unnamed former Cabinet Minister is quoted in the Times this morning as saying: “We’re risking parliament being a centre of infection”. These developments come against the backdrop increased controversy over the new 10pm curfew rule, which saw people in Liverpool partying in the street shortly after 10pm on Saturday evening. 

The former Brexit Party MEP, Rupert Lowe has reacted with fury saying: “Whoever came up with the idea that Parliament pubs should be open past 10pm should be fired. The contempt some of these people have for the public is astounding. They should remember who funds their salaries – us!”

It is being suggested that these guidelines may be reviewed after this morning’s backlash. However, many will feel the damage has already been done. The controversial Piers Morgan has this morning stated his astoundment live on air when he said rhetorically “What… it is kicking out at 10PM for the whole country apart from our MP’s?”.  Darren Grimes has also reacted furiously. He tweeted: “What brain dead moron couldn’t see any issue with it being one rule for them and quite another for the rest of us?”.

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