Lord Frost tells ‘indoctrinated’ UK officials to stop thinking like the EU


Former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost has called for the removal of red tape after British bureaucrats ‘internalised’ Brussels’ mindset during the UK’s 47 years of membership.

On Monday, Lord Frost said British officials remain indoctrinated with “EU ways of thinking” that must be eradicated to make Brexit Britain more competitive.


He told MPs on the European Scrutiny Committee that a revolution was needed to “normalise” EU law still on Britain’s rulebook and return them to UK common law traditions, which are “lighter touch” and less risk-averse.

Lord Frost said: “Lots of our bureaucracy and our regulatory systems have had to operate within a prescriptive EU law framework.”

“We have internalised principles of EU law and EU ways of thinking about things for the last 50 years, which is harder to eradicate because it’s quite subtle.”

Lord David George Hamilton Frost, CMG – Image: Google Images

Lord Frost said he was recruiting for a task force that would focus on how to differ from the EU to give the United Kingdom a competitive advantage in areas such as financial services.

“I have a role in making sure that what we put before Parliament is genuinely reforming, genuinely consistent with deregulation and the spirit of Brexit and goes forward on that basis,” the Cabinet minister and former Brexit negotiator said.

Lord Frost added: “I personally profoundly believe that it’s a huge advantage to a country to have the control over its own laws and the ability to design arrangements that suit its own traditions and ways of doing things.”

He claimed that the United Kingdom could be a global leader in setting standards and rules alongside the USA, China, and the European Union.

Speaking in regards to the Northern Ireland Protocol Lord Frost doubled down on comments over the weekend that the EU’s “purist” interpretation of the Northern Ireland Protocol was putting the peace process at risk.

“If the way the Protocol is operating is undermining the Good Friday Agreement rather than supporting it then we obviously have a problem. That wasn’t what the Protocol was meant to do and if it is doing it then it’s not working right,” Lord Frost said.

A European Commission spokesman said: “We will continue with this engagement in order to find solutions. The various unhelpful comments in the press will not prevent us from doing so.

“We need solutions – not soundbites – if we are to make the Protocol work for the benefit of everyone in Northern Ireland.”

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