MHRA Contract for artificial intelligence tool to log cases of Covid 19 ‘adverse drug reactions’


A huge breaking story has hit social media platforms this week.  It would appear the MHRA have put out a tender for an AI software tool to deal with the expected high volume of Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).  Could this be true – time to take a closer look.

UK Column a popular alternative media platform this week aired a broadcast  covering this issue – following up on a previous episode.  


Following that broadcast the team had been contacted by a Procurement Manager of 20 years standing who wrote to correct them on the fact that the document submitted was NOT a Tender Document but in fact a Contract Award Notice.

The UK Column team had previously written to the MHRA posing some questions, to which they had now received a response.  The most relevant of those questions was:- 

They went on to dissect the response stating that  – “if, as the MHRA are stating, they are basing this contract upon 1 ADR per 1,000 doses administered and that figure has been arrived at based upon prior mass roll outs of “novel vaccine” immunisation programmes.   Why then are the MHRA having to upgrade their legacy system?”  

Their conclusion was that by rushing out multiple vaccines at break neck speed with limited testing and no liability to those pharmaceutical companies providing them they are anticipating a vastly increased number of Adverse Drug Reactions than they are admitting.   


The points I would make are as follows:-  

  1.  Bill Gates publicly stated “we have 1 in 10,000 side effects that’s way more than 700,000 people who will suffer from that and Governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed”.  

Basically the taxpayer would be liable to pay vaccine injury payments, albeit a very small percentage of cases meet the high bar necessary for an award as proven by the MHRA’s comment. 

Even those volunteers injured during clinical trials are rarely reported upon in the media due to confidentiality clauses. 

Collateral damage with no responsibility is the name of the game for big pharma.

  1. A safe effective RNA vaccine has never been produced before.  Yet we are led to believe that within 7 months there are multiple vaccines from a range of pharmaceutical companies that are completely “safe and effective”.

How can this claim be validated when clinical trial volunteers continue to be monitored for at least a year to ensure they don’t suffer any long-term effects. 

  1. The most chilling fact for me is that we now find out GCHQ intelligence services and all of the big tech giants have been commissioned by the Government to censor any “disinformation”.  Can we take this to mean anyone questioning the narrative?.  

The following letter was also sent into the BMJ by a retired GP on this subject:


The ferocity of the campaign being launched by the Boris Johnson administration on those he contemptuously brands “Anti Vaxxers” has been truly shocking.

Could we see Compulsory Vaccination?  Not in a democracy perhaps because informed consent is required – Vaccine Mandates Violate the Right to Informed Consent.  But when you have a Government quashing all debate and discussion blatently paying institutions to  censor the populace, then I  guess anything is possible!

I will end with one vitally important piece of data which should never be forgotten and let fact win over fear when making our own informed decision.







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