Nicola Sturgeon now PLOTTING with Corbyn, Soubry, Cable & others to SABOTAGE Brexit!

The leader of the anti- UK party, the SNP, are now working with anti-Brexit Tories and Labour to vote down Theresa May’s Brexit proposals and push through a “Norway model” exit. This alternative would mean the UK staying in the Single Market and Customs Union permanently which would mean Britain have no control over its trade or immigration policies.

Sturgeon also met the embattled Prime Minister who is fast losing support for the deal not only from Brexiteers but also European Governments as well with Spain threatening to veto the deal over Gibraltar.

The Norway model has previously been proposed by senior Tory backbenchers including former ministers Nicky Morgan, George Freeman, and Nick Boles who believe that we should hitch our wagons to the EU.

Sturgeon told reporters about the push for the ‘Norway Deal’ saying:

If that’s moving towards a permanent Single Market, Customs Union, that’s what the SNP has been arguing for, for the last two years and that’s one of the options that potentially we can build a majority around.

It’s not the only option, but it’s one of them, and the more options we’ve got on the table right now the better.

In terms of the softer remain element of the Conservatives, I think they have a role to play in putting that majority together.

Hopefully as these discussions develop we’ll see movement on all sorts of positions.”

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