Nigel Farage launches FEROCIOUS attack on the EU and UK Civil Service

Brexit hero Nigel Farage has thundered that Theresa May’s Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins is the “real” obstruction to a Brexit deal, not the EU, and argues the UK’s civil service “abandoned neutrality decades ago”.

Speaking in Brussels to LBC radio, the former UKIP leader said:

I now firmly believe the real obstruction to all of this over Northern Ireland isn’t actually Brussels, it’s our own civil service, Olly Robbins. Our civil service abandoned neutrality decades ago, they’re fully signed up to the European Project.

I know that through my interactions with them here over nearly two decades, and it’s about time someone said Last weekend was supposed to be the deadline, in reality December 14 is the deadline. That’s if anything can possibly go through the national parliaments, let alone this place, before Brexit on March 29.”

Farage has been on blistering form at a series of Leave Means Leave rallies and you can watch his latest speech at Harrogate on our YouTube Channel now:

Farage’s comments regarding the civil servant come after ex-MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove wrote a letter to The Times accusing Olly Robbins, the Prime Minister’s Europe advisor since September 2017, of “covertly working” to keep parts of UK defence policy “under EU control”.

He concluded: “It is by far the worst aspect of the Chequers deal and hitherto has not been made clear to the public. Olly Robbins and his defence advisor Alastair Brockbank have serious questions of improper conduct to answer.”

This also comes as a visibly angry Nigel Farage leapt to the defence of the United States of America and other allies when Brussels bureaucrats claimed that the European Union defeated Nazism & the Soviet Union!

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