Leading Brexiteers BOTTLE IT over attempts to OUST Theresa May

Desperation is growing around supposedly ‘hardline’ Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees Mogg, Boris Johnson & David Davis after last night’s 1922 committee which was supposed to be when the Brexiteers made their move turned into what one described as a ‘petting zoo’ where May was serenaded by senior Tories.

Jacob Rees Mogg continues to prove to be all talk and no action as he apparently encouraged members of the ERG pro-Brexit group NOT to submit letters that would be required to force a leadership contest. 48 letters are needed to launch a contest and it is thought there are currently around 40 lodged. The only MP who appears to be unashamedly pro-Brexit and fighting hard against May is Andrea Jenkynson.

We had reported over the weekend some of the combative language that was being used and it was felt that this was the time when they would stand up and be counted-

Theresa May’s time as Prime Minister is reaching the point of no return after an MP told her to “bring her own noose” to a crunch meeting of the powerful 1922 committee on Wednesday as former Brexit Secretary David Davis sets out his leadership stall.

Her proposal to extend the transition period along with indefinite membership of the Customs Union has seen backbenchers suggesting they will trigger a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister if she fails to persuade them at a crunch meeting on Wednesday. Likewise the backstop issue of Northern Ireland remains immensely problematic for her Chequers agreement.

One senior brexiteer said: “She should bring her own noose to the ’22. Short of an uncharacteristically powerful, persuasive, and coherent performance, then I think her time will be up.”

Many people are continuing to voice their frustration with many of these leading brexiteers who appear to be all talk and no action. Likewise there is a feeling that the Conservatives once again are putting party before country in not moving to oust Theresa May.

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  1. I don’t think the ERG are seeking to oust May. Instead they are seeking to control and limit her spineless and duplicitous behaviour.

    May is not a president. It doesn’t matter what she tries to agree with the EU because she can’t get it past the ERG, the DUP and parliament. So it seems the ERG policy is to keep her in place as a hapless punchbag until the clock ticks out of time and there is no deal. Once Brexit is over she’ll be out the door pretty quick.

    The parliamentary Blairites have now also switched to opposing Chequers in the hope of getting a second referendum.
    This means May doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting her deal through parliament.

    It’s all a bit of a white knuckle ride with massive amounts of misinformation.
    But without the Tory brexiteers and the DUP May would already have signed the surrender document.
    So far she has been unable to do so even though she is desperate to sign anything that can be called a “deal”.

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