REVEALED- Police chief SLAMS politicians over investigation of ‘HATE CRIMES’

John Apter, who represents 120,000 rank-and-file officers as the Chairman of the UK Police Federation, has intimated that the rank and file Police Officers are at breaking point over their lack of resources to tackle serious crime due to the emphasis being put on hate crime investigations.

Mr Apter said:

Where we get drawn into local disagreements, the argument over the remote control, the dispute in the playground, the row on Facebook, it is frustrating.

I think police time can be better spent and it makes a mockery when we are so stretched. You can’t treat society like that and you can’t treat the police as political footballs.

We need to have a sensible debate with politicians, with society and with the public about exactly what they want their police to do.

People join the police to keep people safe and to lock up bad people, not to sort out petty squabbles over a remote control.”

Burglary is one of the most intrusive, horrible crimes that a householder can go through. It makes you feel incredibly vulnerable, but people can sometimes wait days for a police response.

Even if there is little chance of catching the person responsible, police officers know the value of spending a little bit of time with the victim, talking through their concerns and offering them some reassurance.

That half an hour you spend with someone gives so much back to society. It is about understanding the value of something over the cost, which the beancounters do not seem to get.”

Police forces have been actively encouraging people to report “hate crimes” in recent years, online and off, with hundreds of officers dedicated to the area. What has since transpired is that someone can perceive a hate crime to have taken place if someone personally feels offended!

Despite the massive focus on the area, prosecutions have actually fallen despite a large increase in reporting — indicating that many allegations do not hit the threshold for criminal proceedings.

A “hate crime” also only needs to be “perceived” by the “victim” and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said last year “there is no need for evidence to prove the aggravating element” of it to be logged as a “hate incident.”

Sadiq Khan’s has prioritised setting up a police “online hate crime hub” to work in “partnership with social media providers” to criminalise “trolls” who “target… individuals and communities”.

Knife crime in London has hit a record high, but more than 90 percent of recorded crimes are not ending in charges being brought, the latest figures reveal.

This comes as a new study has found that gangs from Somalia are now becoming more and more sophisticated as they branch out across our nation’s capital in a multi-million pound drugs empire.

They are called “the most business driven, violent and ruthless” and unlike many gangs they stay away from social media and do not display visible signs of ‘bling’ usually associated with gangs.
According to the Standard:

The group has become the most dominant in Waltham Forest which has seen two gang linked killings so far this year.

Professor Andrew Whittaker of London South Bank University, the report’s author, says: “Although the Mali Boys may appear to be a local phenomenon, there is growing evidence that they are part of a wider pan-London development as gangs become more organised.”

One unnamed professional told the study the Somali gang had formed alliances with other gangs in the borough adding: “It’s almost like a franchise, like McDonalds or Benetton where the Mali Boys have got a very effective pyramid structure, business plan, but instead of burgers and woolly jumper its Class A drugs and cannabis.”

The gang use old fashioned Nokia phones because they are less easy to track and are estimated to be raking in as much as £50,000 a week in profits from drug sales.

In total there are estimated to be around 250 gangs in London involving around 4,500 people, while there are 12 active gangs in Waltham Forest.

Professor Whittaker said ten years ago a similar study found gangs based mainly on postcodes with violence being used to defend territories and gang membership defined by “colours” and gang insignia.

Today, the study finds gangs are more organised and driven by a desire for profits where visible signs of gang membership are rejected as ‘bad for business.’

The report also concludes :
* Young women and girls are increasingly being used by gangs to transport drugs to regional towns and cities in ‘county lines’ rackets.
*As London’s drugs market becomes saturated gangs are increasingly developing ‘county lines’ to other towns where there is little competition and they are unknown to police.
* While more organised gangs shun social media many embrace it as a means of promoting the gang’s identity and ‘brand.’

The Local Council leader said:

Every part of London has seen the devastating effect that gangs have on all sections of our communities.

We have young people in London who are learning violence as a means of communication. This research will help us understand what we need to and how to invest properly.

This is about working with the schools, police , youth officers and other agencies to offer young people an alternative to a life of crime.”

A Police Spokesperson said: “We have increased our stop and search activity on a targeted basis to create a hostile environment to knife carriers. But we need to find a sustainable solution and we need to identify and reach young people before they get embedded in a criminal lifestyle.”


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