Series of massive STREET DEMONSTRATIONS organised against the Brexit Betrayal of 17.4 million people!

Grassroots Campaign Group UK Unity have said that enough is enough and that the people must take to the streets in protest at the capitulation over Brexit by Theresa May, the Tory Government & the rest of the anti-democrats in the House of Commons.

UK Unity has a track record of organising successful events gaining national media coverage such as ‘Treason May Out’ and ‘Sack Sadiq Khan’. They have now arranged a series of street demos to compliment the excellent work already being done by organisations such as Leave Means Leave, pro-Brexit parties and Politicians.

David Clews, Spokesperson for UK Unity said:

People are at breaking point, the decision not to honour the vote of the 17.4 million people is a scandal of epic proportions. The Government is in disarray, illegal and unsustainable mass immigration continues while violent crime is also at record levels.

We have organised a series of demos in Cardiff, Coventry, Leeds, London and Norwich in key locations from 12:00 until 14:00. Subject to donations and available funds we will be providing banners & placards and encourage people to make up and bring their own.

All Brexit supporting groups, parties and politicians are welcome to attend and we want a carnival atmosphere where Children and families can come along. We have notified all the main Brexit party leaders and encourage you all to do the same to spread the word.

We are really pleased so far at the response from the For Britain Party, led by Anne Marie Waters, who’s representatives will be speaking on the day and many of offered to help out.

Gavin Felton, Chairman of The Democrat & Veterans Party, will also be speaking on the day and they too have offered excellent support.

Many regional organisers for UKIP and grassroots members have also been in touch and their excellent experience of campaigning and willingness to help with the day is greatly appreciated.

UK Unity does not have a huge team of employees or limitless resources of billionaires like the People’s Vote to be able to put on buses and pay people to attend but on our side we have the everyday hardworking British people.

I would encourage you to firstly come along to a local event, bringing banners flags and placards, if you can’t do that then please keep sharing this event on social media. We are extremely pressed for funds at the moment but if you are able to chip in you can do so by clicking here now:

Details of the main event page can be found here:






Please get this information out there on Facebook, Twitter, Gab etc as the Mainstream Media certainly won’t!

Chip in to help with the costs of the day by clicking below now:



  1. Hi, just to let you know, I will be at the Leeds demonstration next Saturday, I hope we put the feeble remainer crowd in London a few weeks ago to shame!

    Keep up the good work & let’s get this done.

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