The Great Barrington Declaration Signed – But What Comes Next?


To those of us closely following the Covid-19 “pandemic event” we can see that the dots don’t join up and something is not quite right.

I have been following the twists and turns very closely and would like to put my theory out there to provoke debate among other critical thinkers.


Covid-19 IS a virus – but it is a politicised virus – what do I mean by that?  

We all know the US election is upon us and that President Donald J Trump has sliced through and continues to threaten the “global order” that has existed for many decades.  

The President has, during his term, undergone a furious 3½ year long military style attack as the deep state tried to overthrow him – their ultimate Exocet missile being the long drawn out impeachment trial, but nothing has worked.

So now we reach the pinnacle – 4 more years of the Trump administration would be unimaginable for the Globalist Cabal – we are now starting to see the leaking out of the Hunter Biden emails, albeit the media are using their enormous power to suppress this ground breaking story from reaching the masses.

As we know the mainstream media also called the rioting and looting – peaceful protests – are the people awake yet? 

What Happens Next?

This is what I see happening – my perception of future events.

I believe class action trials are coming, for Crimes Against Humanity.  This will include:-

The Care Home Scandal. https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/coronavirus-how-big-is-the-problem-in-care-homes/

The removal of effective treatments for Covid-19 merely because President Trump endorsed them. https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/have-big-tech/


You will be thinking what makes you so sure? I will now lay out my evidence.

The American Frontline Doctors Dr Simone Gold

Cast your minds back a few months to the American Frontline Doctors remember when they held their Press Conference on the Steps of the US Supreme Court endorsing Hydroxychloroquine telling the world that it had worked for their patients, stating it is a cheap and effective treatment and MUST be made available to the people.  

Dr Simone Gold lead this call by the Frontline Doctors, she has subsequently been fired from her position.

Now fast forward to today and the launch of The Great Barrington Declaration. 

The Great Barrington Declaration


The Great Barrington Declaration is a proposal written and signed at the American Institute for Economic Research in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on 4 October 2020. 

It advocates a risk-based “alternative public health approach” to the COVID-19 pandemic that involves “focused protection” of those most at risk and seeks to avoid or minimize the “social harm” of lockdown

This proposal has been written by 3 science professors from Harvard (Martin Kulldorff), Oxford (Sunetra Gupta) and Stanford (Jay Bhattacharya) this has been signed by over 426,000 medical practitioners, scientists and citizens.

They state – “As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing covid-19 policies,and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.“

Are these two events linked? 


There is a clear reason why the Frontline Doctors chose the Steps of the US Supreme Court to make their statement.

There is a clear reason why the English Professors chose to fly to the American Institute for Economic Research in Great Barrington, Massachusetts to make their declaration.

A class action also known as a class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group. The class action originated in the United States and is still predominantly a U.S. phenomenon

This is a battle of right -v- wrong of good -v- evil, dramatic maybe but it is the truth and the most shocking thing is that a majority of the population are not even aware of what is going on – thanks to the power of the mainstream media and big tech censorship – I believe they will not come out of this unscathed. 

President Trump has endorsed The Great Barrington Declaration. 

The British Government have not.

Buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride!







https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/13/world/white-house-embraces-a-declaration-from-scientists that-opposes-lockdowns-and-relies-on-herd-immunity.html



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