The Guardian tries to SILENCE our broadcast about Ash Sarkar/Owen Jones

The Guardian Newspaper is currently embroiled in a massive scandal over what many perceive to be a ‘racist’ cartoon of Priti Patel.

Now they have unfairly used the copyright system on YouTube to BLOCK UNN’s live show last night!

We were discussing a Guardian clip of Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar where they promote and discuss the values of COMMUNISM! UNN were calling them out on this and likewise the disgusting picture of Priti Patel that they published.

YouTube has a system of fair use whereby you can use clips as long as the end product is fundamentally different. In our case this was correct as we only used a clip and commented on it. However the system on YouTube allows unscrupulous companies and especially big media to block videos and we then received this message:

We then received the following e-mail from YouTube:

As you can clearly see ‘copyright owners’ can choose to block this if they want then knowing full well we have to go through a mediation process to get this back up. This is nothing more than naked censorship and The Guardian not liking to be exposed.

UNN’s Lead Correspondent David Clews said:

“Many people rightly mock The Guardian but this is still the go to newspaper for the liberal elite and remainer class. We have already had one fake news hit job done on us by The Guardian and now this. The segment where we used the clip was clearly transformative content and they have used a loophole to shut us down. Many of our viewers aren’t able to watch our shows live but catch up the next day. The Guardian has deprived people of the opportunity to watch a show that took hours of preparation and screen time all because they don’t like what we stand for.

I clearly stated last night on the show that we celebrate the freedom of the press and I would go on marches if The Guardian was shut down by censors even though I totally disagree with what they stand for. This false copyright strike is an attack on another media outlet straight out of a Communist playbook. We have had numerous instances of people using UNN’s content but we would never dream of doing this to anyone.

Like many on the left the only tools they have in their box to attack us with are technicalities and smears. We will never back down from trying to bring you the truth!”

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