PANIC as US Citizens told to avoid LONDON!

President Donald Trump is set to arrive in the United Kingdom on Thursday afternoon following a NATO summit in Brussels. President Trump has been lukewarm in his praise for Theresa May and he has also lambasted the EU for its unfair trade policies and also NATO members for failing to pay their share of the budget.

Huge protests have been planned, egged on by politicians such as Sadiq Khan and David Lammy and Sadiq Khan has also given permission for a ‘Trump Baby Balloon’ to fly over London during his visit. Such a hostile environment has been created for our greatest ally that the US Embassy has been forced to issue a warning to it’s citizens over fear of attacks on them-

Embassy communique to US Citizens

President Trump  will travel straight to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire for a black tie dinner with up to 100 guests and UK Officials. On Friday, Mr Trump and Mrs May will visit a defence site to watch a demonstration of the UK’s military capabilities and how the two allies work together on training.

They will then go to Chequers for a working afternoon discussing trade and foreign relations then afterwards he will go up to Scotland where he will play golf at one of his courses, he will not meet with Nicola Sturgeon who he has specifically bypassed! At all stages of his trip demonstrations and protests are planned.

Unity News Opinion- Whilst we recognise that not everyone needs to like or agree with President Trump, the hostile environment created towards both him and our US cousins is a DISGRACE! Legitimate and peaceful protest is encouraged but the comments from Khan, Abbott & Lammy have only fuelled the danger of violent confrontation.

US Citizens should never be afraid to walk the streets of the UK, without their support during two world wars and the cold war? Khan should take a good look at himself and if anything happens to any US Citizens then he should be investigated as a HATE PREACHER! How would he and his friends react if citizens from other countries were advised to avoid the capital…


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