ANGER as Police accused of BRUTALITY and enabling ANTIFA at DFLA MARCH!

The fallout from the chaotic scenes at yesterday’s peaceful DFLA march continues with many taking to social media to say that the Police were responsible for allowing the violence to take place. There are also accusations of Police brutality against marchers. Meanwhile Antifa & various other groups are taking credit for stopping the march as you can see in the tweets below:

The official Antifa Twitter account said:

One social media user named Zara Moores has written about what she witnessed at the event yesterday:

She also published photos of the day which shows an injured marcher as well as the officer apparently involved:

The fallout from this event is set to continue for a long time to come with major questions being asked about the policing of the event as well as the role of sinister masked activists of Antifa who were allowed to cover their faces and throw smoke grenades and have wooden poles as flags which can easily be turned into weapons.

We have compiled a video of footage from today which you can watch below on our YouTube Channel.

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  1. I saw a video earlier today on the channel taken from behind the police line and this Police Officer is clearly filmed lashing out with his baton for no reason at all. The reason he stands out is because he is very tall and stands head and shoulders over all the other officer’s on the line, I was really shocked at his actions as it was completely over the top, in fact , at first I thought he caught someone on the head and he had done some real damage, good on the fella’s who managed to get the baton off him because he seemed to be out to cause real hurt to peaceful marchers.

    #IamsoldierX #iamtommy #freemelshaw FBM AMW NFSE !

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