Police issue appeal as sickos target swans with fireworks in Sheffield park


South Yorkshire Police have released an urgent request for a group of young people to stop attacking swans with fireworks at a Sheffield pond. UNN’s Oliver Down understands that large groups of yobs have been attacking swans with fireworks at a pond in a Sheffield suburb.

Police have announced that their patrol frequencies have had to increase over recent weeks following a rise in anti-social behaviour at Frecheville Pond in Frecheville, where the firework attacks on the swans have been reported.


Officers carried out a number of stop and searches at the pond over the weekend. One such search revealed a youth in possession of fireworks. Inspector Andrew Bagshaw, of South Yorkshire Police, has said: “We have increased patrols in the area following concern from local residents. As we are now just a few days away from Bonfire Night, I would like to repeat my earlier appeal to parents and carers. Please talk to your children about the consequences and dangers of misusing fireworks. I also want to thank local residents for continuing to report these incidents to us. This information helps us to build up an accurate picture of the issues so we can act accordingly”.

These reports have caused a considerable uproar on social media. One Twitter user @kwilliam111 stated: “What kind of people would do this? – Police make urgent request as yobs attacks SWANS with fireworks at Sheffield pond”.

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