Billionaire Wealth hits a record $10.2 Trillion amid Pandemic, Study Finds


While global lockdowns have decimated small businesses and left so many people struggling financially with an increasing debt burden, wealthy globalists have amassed immense profits. 

A small number of billionaires have become ultra-rich over the past 30 years or so.  Most of them didn’t exist before globalisation.


Bill Gates for example has gained not only wealth but also unprecedented influence over such sectors as global health and agricultural policies that threaten food security and human health– not bad for a geeky IT guy is it?

I came across a fascinating interview given by a “social justice and anti-GMO advocate” named Vandana Shiva she has written a book entitled “Oneness v the 1%:  Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom”. 

She argues that the ultra-wealthy elite are responsible for a majority of the environmental, financial and health crises currently facing us.  

She stated:-

I was in Paris for the climate summit, and I’ve been doing this UN Summit since the Earth summit in ’92. I’ve been doing the Biodiversity Convention, drafting of clauses, including Article 19.1, which basically required biosafety and assessment of GMOs. So, I was very surprised that, for the first time, the billionaires were on the stage with the heads of state.”

One of the “solutions” to climate change offered by this “billionaire club” was geoengineering, which in reality is no solution at all.  Engineering temperatures, deflecting sunlight, dumping iron fillings on the ocean and chemicals in the sky, and creating artificial volcanoes, you’re simply creating additional problems without solving the original one.

Without Gates, there would be no commercial gene editing, which is the new GMO. He created a company called Editas Medicine Inc. to facilitate the patenting of new climate-resilient plants.

Editas Medicine, is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based drugmaker backed by Bill Gates and Google Ventures among others.  The company specializes in a new gene-editing technique called Crispr,and will become the first publicly traded firm to focus on this kind of technology, even though competition in the field is fierce.

While Big Biotech claims GMOs will save your health and protect the planet, these pesticide-laden plants are in fact doing the complete opposite.

Last year, BlackRock increased its wealth from $1 trillion to $7 trillion, which means the billionaires increased their wealth. During the lockdown, they invaded even more deeply into the Amazon and became richer.

So, these investment asset management funds are the billionaires’ wealth, and it is increasing. That is merging with IT and information technology and the tech barons, and it’s merging with biotechnology and the chemical industry.

Shiva states.”I saw the seed issue with Monsanto. I said, ‘Here they are collecting rents from seed, which they didn’t make.  Monsanto’s behaviour is also big tech’s behaviour. Do they produce anything?” No. 

In effect, whether it’s Amazon or Gates, they’re basically rent collectors. What they’ve done with this pandemic is literally create a closed economy, which depends on them and their rent collection.”

That’s why they’re talking about digitalisation of agriculture — farming without farmers and, worse, food without food. One of the big pushes of Gates and Silicon Valley is fake food.”

The Covid-19 “Pandemic” has catalysed a massive transfer of wealth to the rich.

At the end of Shiva’s book she discusses COVID-19, and how this “engineered pandemic” has catalysed the transfer of wealth to the rich who have amassed fantastic profits.

As local businesses around the world have had to close their doors for months on end Amazon.com’s power has exploded.  Amazon is even encroaching on grocery suppliers.

Facebook turns our minds into a raw material that is then capitalised upon. “Gates is particularly vicious because through the Gates Foundation, he pretends to be doing philanthropy,” she states.

But with every philanthropic endeavour, he carves out new colonies from which he can collect new rents and make new investments. “That’s why no matter how much he gives, he gets richer and richer, A genuine giver would get poorer”.

Philanthrocapitalism appears to be more about deploying unaccountable money to bypass democratic structures.

The End Game

They want to use their money-making tools to make more money and to usurp more power. So, it is a dictatorship of the technology balance.  People should be paying a lot more attention to the violent imposition of digitalisation.

Technologies as tools of domination and exploitation are not neutral. A lot of progressives think, ‘More digitalisation, equals more democracy.’ 

How can a surveillance economy be an enlargement of your freedom? You have to have the systems in place, the regulations in place, the choices in place to be able to make these technologies a servant and not your master.”

This has been very carefully planned for many decades. We now see clear evidence that a “great economic reset” is in full swing, this will transition everything over to a digital currency.


I believe the whole issue of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown has been very useful for two reasons. 

  • They could get everyone afraid and compliant; 
  • They could keep everyone distracted while they took over the economy.

The end game is total control of the global population and it looks to be right on track to happen unless the population wake up pretty damn quick and stops it.








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